David Lovegrove

A dashing picture of David LovegroveHello out there. I’m David Lovegrove, a guy who loves branding, marketing, and making stuff. I’m a marketing professional who loves leading creative teams in making special, unexpected experiences and events. On the business side I love finding and fixing what’s getting in the way of companies connecting with their customers. On the hands-on side, I love experiential marketing and high-end craftsmanship. And I’m a pretty good communicator, even though I’ve used the word “love” four times in this paragraph.

Some of the projects shown here were done solo, but many of them reflect the talent of my teams. I’ve been privileged to lead and work with brilliant creative minds; I’ve noted some of them in the stories, but there are often many more that helped. Consider this a big shout out to all the wonderful, talented people I’ve been able to work with through the years.

Slight Introvert
Highly Creative

Please me.

I’d love to talk to you. Well, as much as a slight introvert can love talking to anyone.